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  1. Block_of_Redstone.png Sand.png Jungle_Wood.png Diamond_(Block).png Block_of_Quartz.png

    I am in need of bulk supplies, and I have limited rupees, so I am offering this limited time offer:

    Item: I will gift you 1 Month Diamond Supporter
    Price: PM me any combination of items from the list below (or Rupee's offer)
    Offer Ends: Valid until the End of the month (when the Holiday Promotion ends).

    This offer is not limited to 1 person, but I will consider only serious offers.

    Items I will consider in trade for this: (These are raw materials I will use to craft needed supplies)

    - 1 DC Redstone Blocks
    - 30 DC's Sand
    - 10 DC's Wood (Any type, doesn't matter)
    - 1 DC diamonds
    - 1 DC Quartz Blocks
    - or rupees for me to buy the above items. :p

    EDIT: I put the value of 1 month Diamond Supporter at 160k. But willing to take less in resources.

    Please feel free to PM me offers if you prefer. We have only 2 more days to complete the offer. So be in quick!

  2. UPDATE: OK, I will also accept rupees for this. (Can always buy the supplies later)
  3. I can do the 10 DC's of wood
  4. Good start. What else can you offer? Part payment in rupees is ok as well.
  5. UPDATE: I put the value of the Diamond Supporter at around 160k. But am happy to take less in value of resources, as that's what i need most.
  6. Ill pay you 40k a turkey slicer. A labor bench. And an icc birthday voucher
    I also have 1 or 2 stacks of redstone blocks
  7. Hmm.. Honestly, I don't think turkey slicer is of any value at all. :) No idea what i'd do with a labor bench (what does it do?), and what can an ICC voucher do for me?
  8. labor bench allows you to use a crafting bench anywhere by right clicking with it. ICC voucher does nothing :)
  9. I am still looking for trades for this.

    Whatever resources you can find that i need, + the difference in rupees will be accepted.

    Limited time offer, get it now! claim 4 plots, hide on the map, and all those other cool diamond supporter perks.
  10. So labor bench is useful to me, the any/all redstone i can get is great. Can you make up the dif in rupees? or have anything else?
  11. I'll give an Orebuster, axestopper and turfinator and 50k
  12. Ill give 3 stacks of diamond blocks ;)
  13. 3 stacks Diamond blocks are worth .... 10k at most. What else can you offer? Or i'll accept 130k with that.
  14. That's worth about 100k at 60r/diamond, I dunno what he'll think
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  15. umm 3 stacks of blocks is worth about 100k...thats a SC of diamonds and a DC goes for about 200k
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  16. What is the axestoper and turfinator exactly? :) the orebuster i can use.
  17. He said blocks not just diamonds :)
  18. Axestopper and turfinator are the axe and shovel versions of the Orebuster
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  19. Um sir like canucks said...it is 3 stacks of BLOCKS, worth about 100k
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  20. lol yes, 100k, not 10k. my bad.
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