[TRADES] Valuable Items For Diamond Supporter Voucher

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  1. Hello EMC! Today I am searching for anyone who has a Diamond Supporter Voucher!

    Trade closed

    What I will give you for one:
    -3 Stacks of emeralds
    -2 Stacks of obsidian
    -7 Enchantment books: Infinity I, Power v, Protection IV, Looting III, Unbreaking III, and 4 Silk Touch I
    -Diamond Horse Armor
    -38 Diamonds
    -4 Stacks of Redstone
    -1 Stack of Lapis
    -2 Potions of Water Breathing (3:00 min)
    -1 Potion of strength (3:00 min)
    -Dragon Stone
    -Dragon Stone Fragment
    -Bow w/Power III and Unbreaking III
    If interested, please contact me either in game or on here!
  2. Diamond Supporter Voucher are around 400k right now, and I am sorry to say that these items aren't really close to being 4ook.
  3. Right now they are worth 200k because they are found often in the 300k event. Also, I will be adding a lot more soon.
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  4. Sorry to say that even if they are found often... it doesn't lower their price drastically... If anything they go to at least 350k - 400k...
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  5. Huh. Effin told me wrong then >-<
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