[TRADES] Rare Trading with Ro [VERSION 1]

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  1. Hello everyone! I've started a new trading business :). Down below are all the things I'm selling and information about what they are in EMC. Enjoy the trades!

    Trading Items to buy/sell:
    • New Player Guide (1) - 1.5k
    • Shiny Arrows (17) - 40r (for one), 300r for 17.
    • 1 Labor Bench - 10k
    • Haunted Candy [ENDER PEARL] - 10k (1)
    • 7 empire assistants - 50r for one 500r for 7.
    More trades to come soon!!

    Sell them back:
    • New Player Guide - 1.5k
    • Shiny Arrows - 50r
    • Labor Day Bench - 8k
    • Haunted Candy - 10k
    • Empire Assistants - 500r
    Enjoy the trades ;)
  2. I'll sell you a DC of haunted candy for 34,560,000 rupees then. Nah but really haunted candy is worth 50r at most.

    What year is your labor bench?
  3. 2015
  4. You should probably change your haunted candy price to 50r.
  5. That's not a very attractive sale if you ask me...
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  6. Yep, you pay more for each one if you buy more it seems xD

    EDIT - Wait so you're selling empire assistants for 50r and buying them for 500r, you're selling shiny arrows for 40r and buying them for 50r, and you're selling the new player guide for 1.5k and buying it back for the exact same amount xD?
  7. I'm not sure that I understand your prices... Are you buying Haunted Candy for 10k a piece?
  8. Looks like it.. Like I said if that's the case I'll sell you a DC for 34.5 million lol
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  9. If you didn't know how to make infinite money on EMC, here it is :p
  10. I'd happily sell all of my Haunted Candies for 10k each, not sure what she's trying to say though :p
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  11. I think the first part is where he buys stuff and the second where he sells it. He just mixed things up.
  12. The first one has all the stock numbers though and then it still wouldn't make sense. I think it's how she wants it, it just wasn't thought out very clearly.
  13. Empire Assistants are free I'm pretty sure. If you want to buy some off me then ok!