[Trade] Trading promo items for anything!!!

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  1. Trading Trading for anything bud dirt be real no 1 sand offers
    Starter helm
    Starter chest plate
    Starter legs
    Starter boots
    Starter sword
    Starter horse

    Freedom steak

    Shiny mob drops

    Getting started guide

    Empire assistant
  2. Are any used? At all?
  3. No all are un used
    100% new
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  4. ill give you a single chest of baked potatoes for the starter horse.
  5. I'll give you a singe chest of _____ for it. Please give me an offer :eek:
  6. I was hoping to get the starter horse.
  7. Sc of blank?
    How about Krysy sig for two starter horses
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  8. I sold the sig... hm.... let me look in storage, I may have a few things
  9. You can have all of this, if I can have 1-2 starter horses.
    64 gold ore
    Golden Apple
    64 jack-o-lantern
    6 wolf spawn egg
    Enchanted book (Knockback2 Silktouch1)
    2 fireworks
    5 stacks of seeds
    3 blocks of gold
    (lol is that good?)
  10. Do u have anything from the drop party left?
  11. Lol got anything promo wise to trade l?
  12. Also if anyone viewing this thread has almost broken promos I'll buy them
  13. I'll take the horse and the assistant and I'll trade you 2 diamond blocks and 3 stacks of iron.
  14. Ok deal penguin try get on around 3:00 pm est time to do the trade
    If we don't meet I'll make an access chest on 9111 smp4 and the items will be there and u put ur items in thechest
  15. I want a horse... do you have another?
  16. I have one left
  17. How about if you have another horse, 3 gold blocks, a getting started book, and 3k?
  18. Hmm take away the getting started and add diamonds?
  19. *sigh 1 diamond block?