{Trade} Offering Smooth, Cobble and Brickstone

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  1. Stone Trading

    Here is how this works:

    If you want Smooth, Cobble or Brickstone you can write me a pm with your offer. (Im only trading not selling). Your offer should include material you offer, material you want to have, ratio and rough amount.

    For example:
    Note: Depending on orders and amount requested I might need some time. I will try to stack up on all materials anyway. I will take rupee prices and my demand as a rough measure for fair trades. So you might get a good deal offering a material I am low on.

    After you made your offer I will reply as soon as possible. I either accept the deal, make a return offer on the ratio if I dont like the deal, or decline the offer if I dont need the material at all or cant provide any stone at the moment.

    Last updated: 27.11.15 (Note if this date is far in the past I might be taking a break from MC or I am not offering this service anymore)

    Smooth Stone: 5 Dc
    Cobble Stone: 3 Dc
    Brick Stone: 1 Dc

    Im looking for:
    (feel free to offer other stuff you have left over)

    Gray Wool: high
    Diamonds: high
    Quartz: high
    Obsidian: high
    Oak Wood and Leaves: medium high
    Endstone: medium

    Sand: medium
    Wool (general): medium
    Iron: medium
    Gold: medium
    Lapis: medium
    Wood: medium low
    Emeralds: low
    Redstone: very low
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