[TRADE] Enchanted Picks For Silktouch!

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  1. Ok so I'm not sure if this is allowed but if not I'm sure you guys out there in the EMC community will help me out but I am in desperate need of a silktouch pickaxe and have enchanted like 4 picks at level 30 and above trying to get it! If anyone has a silktouch and is interested in trading it too me for some other enchanted picks please tell me here!


    I have a;
    *Fortune 2, Efficiancy 3
    *Fortune 2
    *Efficiancy 3
    *Unbreaking 2, Efficiancy 2

    They are all diamond and have never been used!

  2. A silk touch worth about 7k and the picks you are offering to trade for is about 3k .....
    I will take 4 stacks of diamonds of you really want a silk touch!
  3. Incorrect combined the picks are worth well over 10k and I have seen silktouch pickaxes with like unbreaking 3 and stuff like that for about 11k...
  4. thats seems like a pretty fair deal. but sry i dont have silk touch :p
  5. See Mistro Mouse agrees... It's a shame he doesn't have a silktouch but oh well :D
  6. Pretty fair deal!? Please explain! Fortune 2 is nothing so is eff 3 !
  7. Alrighty explain why it is worth nothing?
  8. Please use your common sense .....
  9. Oh aren't I?
  10. Can we just get back on subject! Who has a silktouch pickaxe?
  11. kk guys, stop the argueing, you get 1 pretty good pick (fortune 2, Eff3) 1 average, (fortune2) and a good mining pick (eff 3) just for a silktouch, but if the silktouch has like eff3 unbreakingIV its abit of a rip-off, if it were, say, silktouch, eff2 unbreaking2 its pretty fair.
  12. I don't think it's possible to get a silktouch1 eff2 ub2 pick !
  13. :0 really? then if you put another pick with unbreaking and eff, its a fair deal :)
  14. I just want a plain old silktouch! But with some unbreaking ability would be nice ;)
  15. In that case I would say this trade is VERY fair!
  16. OK I have added an Unbreaking 2 Efficiancy 2 to the deal :)
  17. I wish I was lucky with enchants I keep getting unbreaking III and II
  18. I know Right!

    EDIT: This is my 888 site post :D
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  19. hmm i would get eff IV unbreaking III all the time i thought they were crappy enchants :p

  20. I'm not alone :,)