[Trade] Diamond Voucher needed!!

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  1. I miss having my blue name and I'm not rich anymore.... XD I have a few promos I'll give for the voucher.

    Here they are:
    - Blizz Nose (I think it's unused... Bought it awhile ago)
    -Blizz Eye (Used)
    - Pot o Gold (used)
    -Chicken Skewer (unused)
    -2 stacks of diamonds
    -a stack of emeralds
    -a stack of Cooked Turkey
    -24 wither skulls
    -1 unused Dasher
  2. Bump! If you are interested, please lemme know! I could also sweeten the trade some more. :)
  3. That will not be enough for the diamond voucher. Diamond vouchers go for around 400,000r, and you're offering around 190k.
  4. With my math he is offering around 330k not 190k. Forgot to count wither skulls?
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  5. That's why I added them in. :) I also stated I'll add more if necessary to the potential buyer. Thank you crafter for the clarity.

    Changed a part of the trade. Added Dasher.
  6. I don't know the price of wither skulls, so I didn't add them in. It's my fault I never added that in to my original post. However, he's still about 60-70k down.
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  7. Not anymore :p As you prolly didn't see, I added in an unused Dasher egg. ;)
  8. Yep your right on the money now I'll keep an eye out for you if anyone's selling!
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  9. Raaynn has pm'd me for the trade. :) Staff can close the thread now!

    Keep an eye out guys, I may post another trade in the future.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.