(TRADE) 60k stuff

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  1. so i'm willing to trade
    -feather fallllling boots + iday boots (you can easily sell them to alexchance for 485k)

    for one of these items (what i want)
    - flaming mob launcher
    - bullet proof vest
    - cactus pants

    i think that a pretty good trade :)
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  2. I can send you a flaming mob launcher. I will mail it the next time I'm on. :)
  3. i'll send the items asap
  4. i saw you came on but didn't get mail :p
    hope you just forgot and didn't mail to the wrong person xD
  5. Yep, forgot. Sorry. :oops:
  6. no need to be sorry :)
  7. I'm a nub. -_-

    Putting a sticky note on my computer to remind me to do this tomorrow. :p