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  1. So I've started using the new TPSIGN system and I must say it's really awesome. I really like how the number of teleports isn't limited. I'm now redoing my whole shop with teleporters and it's really improving the shopping experience.

    I have a few questions:

    1) I get that the second line has coordinates. What's on the third and fourth line?

    2) Why is it not possible to create a teleport if you know the location already? For example, I have a specific room that a lot of teleporters need to go to, and I typed the sign exactly as it appeared, however the data was all removed and it wont work.

    3) A lot of the time, the direction is off from the initial teleport. Direction can be an important part of the place, since you may want the player to face a certain object at the destination. Is direction stored on one of the lines?
  2. What I know...

    1) more coordinates

    2) It doesn't work like that. You can put multiple teleport signs from one /res tpsign.

    3) No. Maybe a player always faces a certain direction? I will test it right now and edit my post.
    EDIT: My studies show that player direction is random.
  3. I'll save you the trouble, direction isn't stored on a sign, it would be kinda impossible seeing as the three lines are x, y and z coords.
  4. The second line has the x, y, and z coordinates separated by commas (with no decimal places).

    I originally thought maybe there was a hash stored, but I'm pretty sure it's just pitch and yaw. Both of these values need more accuracy.

    The frustrating thing is that some of these values are messing up and it's resulting in facing different directions, and there's no way to fix it except to play around and reverse engineer the glitch to get the desired result out of it.
  5. You face the way you did going into the teleporter. There isn't enough room for the directional angle.
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  6. Hey, azoundria. Good to see you again.

    As for the direction of the teleport, you come out in the direction you were facing in. I'm sure this will be changed eventually, due to the inconvience that it creates. However, for the time being, I think that if a player jumps or falls onto a pressure plate, then they are teleported in the direction the teleport was created in.
  7. Nope, for 3 u face the same direction you did face when you stood on the plate.
  8. reason for bad orientation: there are 4 lines. like so.

    no room for the F coords.