[TPA] (Not tp)

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Tpa No? Or Yes?

Poll closed Jan 6, 2014.
No 13 vote(s) 76.5%
Yes 4 vote(s) 23.5%
  1. Tpa!!!!!!

    NO WAY! yes way i just lost my stuff in wild with my buddy vote TPA PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ICC and Aikar said that there will be no tpa EVER
    EDIT: first! :D
  3. That meme is getting a little old
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  4. Really?
    I haven't seen that meme in a while, a long while..
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  5. I've seen it...
    2 or 3 times in the past day
  6. Your getting a little old.
    On topic, lets review the facts. You and a buddy go grief something huge. Yo die, then tpa to your buddy. The process goes on and on until the base is completely gone. This is why we don't have /sethome.
  7. It used to be an EMC regular. I still like it.
  8. What used to be an EMC regular?
  9. :p Da bear. He is like a brudder to me now.
  10. excuse me?
    That was VERY rude
  11. Well i felt like using it :D

    P.S. I have an unlimited supply of these memes and stuff....so i can continue :p
  12. Takes the fun out of playing. Also not everything has to do with griefing. Just saying it make me think you are one. Thought tpa would help in the town same with fly but rules are rules and game play must go on. Their are ups and downs to this.
  13. Lol I sorry... I was just playing along with what you said... You said the meme was old, I said you were old. Please forgive me.
  14. I know... That's what it would be used for bad reasons in the wild. It would also make unexplored land wayyy easier to get to. One person goes, everyone else tpas to that person.
  15. Dammit, you put "yes" on the bottom where "no" normally is. My vote is actually for "no".
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  16. Lol me too. I think the poll got switched around.
  17. hahaha sorry on my part.
    I just thought you were being rude
  18. Lol nope. :p Internet high five.
  19. well....
    The internet certainly is not infinite...