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  1. I don't like using fence gates on my farms, because my animals end up escaping. I've seen many players using only pressure plates and signs to teleport somewhere in their residence, and I would like to that to teleport to my farm. If anyone can give me a list of instructions, I would really appreciate that. Thank you.

    --Rebel_Since_5 from Empire Minecraft SMP2
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  2. It's pretty simple once you get to know how it works.

    Type /res tpsign where you'd like to be able to tp to
    Put a pressure plate down when you were like to TP from
    Place a sign on a block so it's UNDER that pressure plate with "teleport" written on the first line.

    Everything should work now, and you'll be able to tp in there from the pressure plate. :)

    For better and possibly clearer instructions, visit this page.
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  6. The answer is always in the guide ;)