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  1. I'm building a town in my residence. It has small stores with cheap items. Houses and the hotel will be added shortly.;)
  2. Oops my res is 2401! :D
  3. I don't want to sound like a "deby downer," but is 60x60 big enough for a town. In the wilderness you might have more room. Never the less, mabye I can help.;)
  4. Well he can have tall skiny buidings. :oops::D
  5. Thats true, or mabye even different levels, up in the sky and down below.
  6. have a look around you have 60x60x128 from bedrock to the sky there are plenty of large builds you should have no problems with 60x60
  7. Kreig_Wulf is doing the same thing almost, and it worked fine for him
  8. well then I guess I was wrong
  9. If you ever need help, just send me a message and I'll help out when I can get online.
  10. Ok, nice signature.
  11. There is an "Edit" button under every comment you post just for that reason... ;)
    And yes... I just edited this comment. =]
  12. LOL I realized that after I posted it! Now I see the delete button too... :oops: