Town - water flow avoids blocks that no longer exist

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  1. Looking for a work-around that doesn't involve a res reset.

    Problem: I'll dump a bucket on flat ground and the water follows a narrow snake path which includes right angle turns for no reason.

    Expected: The water should spread out in all directions from the source.

    Additional info: This is in a spot where I previously had a farm with water trenches. I've dug up the farm and leveled the ground but the water still flows as if the trench walls are there. I can even create single square pockets of air between two water sources. (The air should fill with a new water source ala infinite water source pattern.)
  2. Can you include a screenshot?

    here are two water sources placed side by side. No tricks involved.
  4. Water will head straight for the nearest drop. When it can't make it to a drop, then it spreads out.
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  5. Oh, cool. I did not know that. So I filled the gaps and the water did spread out like you said.

    I think there is still a bug. I saw some other cases where the flow was unexpectedly rerouted. But it's definitely no severe in the way I thought. Maybe when I dug and replaced the dirt it cleared the other cases because I can't seem to reproduce them now.

  6. Water goes to the lowest block it can get to so it makes those weird paths. Minecraft water physics are hardly realistic :p