Town of Salem

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  1. Anyone else play this game??? İt's basically like the game Mafia. Each person gets a role but only you know what the role is. You gotta figure out who everyone else is.. If you're a town member you have to lynch all the bad people of you're Mafia you gotta kill all the good people and the serial killer if you're a serial killer you gotta kill town and mafia members.... That's the simplest summary I can think of there's also a mode with witches and vampires and werewolves.'s a free multi player game you can also get it on steam for 5 bucks for "faster load times" or just to support the people who made it but I play the free one cuz I don't got moneys. .there's cross-platform so it doesn't matter which version you play...if you play already or wanna play add me!! My name is jossytheninja just like on here :) (all lower case of course)
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  2. haha i saw pewd's video playing that
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  3. I occasionally play that just to say HANG EM!!! SHE/HE IS THE ONE WHO DID IT! HANG EM! Im a huge troll and get most of the innocent people killed lmao.
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  4. I seen videos of it but not my cup of tea tho
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  5. It's quite fun :p little hard at first when you aren't too sure about what roles do what but I'm starting to get the hang of it :D
  6. i decided to try it out after seeing your thread XD it's fun, especially playing with people irl using the parties
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  7. It is!!! XD it's fun deceiving people when you're bad hehe I went a whole game as serial killer once by getting Townies to turn on each other muahaha
  8. I played this back in about mid 2014, so I'm not sure how much it's changed since then, but I remember the funniest thing ever being when I was the serial killer and convinced everyone that other random people were the serial killers too and I ended up being the last one left because I blamed everyone else for being the serial killer :p
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  9. *cough* epicmafia *cough*
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  10. haha that's great xD

    is that your username?
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  11. yess sk is so much fun, just sit back and manipulate everyone XD btw I put you in as reference
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  12. sweet! and I just played as jester and i always fail but just now i just went through the perfect scenerio. Someone roleblocked me and for some reason serial killer didnt kill anyone so I was like "damn I got role blocked :\" and someone asked what my role was and I said escort and the real escort was like "ummmmm" and everyone was like they're the serial killer!! xD but time ran out and they just needed one more vote ...then it was night and the mafia killed me :\ I was so close to getting myself lynched so close to my goal lol
  13. ;)