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  1. Ok... I took down my animal farm a couple months back because they kept on glitching into the wall and killing themselves. I have decided I am creating a modest sized animal pen again- But I don't want the same exact thing to happen again. I have heard that glass won't suffocate them like dirt... Though I would like to know if there is a more economical option. All help is appreciated.
  2. Thanks- It will be underground- Will that matter?

    ( I feel like such a noob posting this LOL)
  3. no not really but if u dont want issues put a one block space next to the fence so it goes fence space wall so they cant glitch into the wall
  4. Ok Thank you:)
  5. use a wall of water.

    A friend showed me this. It works really really well.

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  6. Melody, looks like you are using Jack O' Lanterns for light to grow grass. I've also seen one or two used in the middle to keep the sheep from eating all of the grass.
  7. Yeah, this is an outside pen. The underground ones - I also have them hanging over top.
  8. Suffocate? Do you have like 100 animals in 2x2 area like some poeple? I have 20x15 areas for about 25-30 sheep and walls partly made of glass and i have no trouble.
  9. No I had a 20x20 sized pen with about maybe 15 animals in it... They all would stay near the wall like a magnet and try to run through it or something... The wall was just the dirt wall on the edge of my residence; But this was a couple months ago
  10. You could put 1 sheep on a 60x60 lot. It is still going to walk to the walls and try and walk through them. :p
  11. I noticed I had a lot better luck keeping my sheep when I enlarged my pens.
  12. in 1.3 this has been stopped making animals glitch into blocks
  13. But i doubt it would suffocate.
  14. Wall of water is the way to go. It vastly reduces the glitching-out.
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