[Town] Hunger in Town?!

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  1. Recently, I was wandering the streets of TOWN, not in anyone's res. So, after sprint-jumping for a minute, I noticed my hunger bar was going down. After ten minutes I had no food left. I could also eat food there. Is this a bug or an intentional feature?
    Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 2.15.29 PM.png
  2. Kinda a bug. Just stand in a res and it'll regen.
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  3. i use this to eat cake, dont tell anyone :p
  4. You will lose it when running, you should get it back with no food ^_^. Its no bug, its just there. :)
  5. I did this to eat pumpkin pie when 1.4 came out on EMC. I have also known about this since August and many others have known about it long before me.
  6. This has always been the case, hunger is regenerative on lots, but not on the streets or the outskirts of town. :)
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  7. I did this once out of fun. its not a Bug it happens for running for very long time. The system regens hunger but you are not immune to hunger like you are of health :)
  8. This explains how people was eating cakes from plots :D
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