Town Expanded

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  1. We recently ran out of open residences in Town. I have added about 800 more, giving us a total of 1,506 lots (714 are currently claimed). I had to expand the Town world for this, it will take the Live Map a while to catch up with this. As many of you requested I also removed the ugly bed rock walls around Town, instead going for and invisible fence that takes you back to spawn.

    Thanks for everyone's patience during this update, logistically it was one of the hardest software problems I have ever solved. Also thanks to the new players who had to wait for a residence.

    Remember that if you are a free player and you don't login for an entire month you will lose your residence (and everything in it). More information:
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  2. justin what happens if the server is full and cant get on for a month
  3. good job justin! :D
  4. This is a good question, any suggestions? Maybe I could adapt it so that logging into the site also counts.
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  5. ^^^^^^^THIS!!!!!
    i like that idea alot justin :)
  6. I remember when it was just the few of us at the start. And now it has grown this much. I almost feel like a proud Aunty *wipes tear away* lol
  7. Why not mother huh huh? :p hell when i joined finally in september it was barren and empty still i was 6 res' away from civilization (south) liz was the only res near mine at two res's west now i am surrounded :O
  8. Haha not mother because I didn't give birth to it. I was just there to help nurture it as it grew. I still remember our original world with our little baby plots. And my underground morgue/hospital. lolz.
  9. Nice! teegz i hope you know i was just giving you trouble :)
  10. Haha yes the first server, oh the memories :) And if I gave birth to it does that make me the mother ?!?
  11. Hm, I suppose that would make me the hot chick in that picture. :/

    At least I'm hot?
  12. Yes, you two are the proud parents of the Empire. And you should be proud. It's a very well adjusted child, and growing up quickly. :)

    ...oh, and I guess that would make me the new nanny huh?
  13. Expanded a lot:eek:.