Tower's End Base

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  1. Built a small stable on my island. I have gold pots for nuggets to make the golden carrots.

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  2. This is entertaining for some reason.
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  3. Got a dripstone farm now at my End Base.

    What's an End Base without an infinite supply of Lava. Lava Farm!

    Before I decided to make a dripstone farm to make a larger lava farm i had this small one that supplied my initial needs.

  4. I have missed very much it seems. Dropstone farms, beds explode now ?! (Found that out the hard way..)
  5. Yeah they explode in the Nether now. Also in the End biome too, however on EMC the beds don’t explode in the End as players like me have Bases and since there isn’t an anchor like the Nether the devs made the beds not explode when used.
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