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    You probably have no idea who I am, but that's largely because I haven't been active on Empire's community in nearly two years. I used to play on this server avidly, but other things have since come to occupy my time. Nevertheless, I figured I would come back to this community of old to ask for its help.

    A small indie company, PixelTail Games, is currently working on developing an online social game known as Tower Unite. If you have ever played Garry's Mod, as I'm sure many of you have, you may be familiar with PixelTail's custom gamemode within Garry's Mod, GMod Tower. Tower Unite is planned to be the spiritual successor to GMod Tower, but it needs help. PixelTail is currently holding a Kickstarter campaign for Tower Unite, where they seek to earn $100,000 by May 10. As of the writing of this post, the campaign is sitting at roughly $15,800. At this rate, the campaign will not reach its goal, and Tower Unite is at risk of never being completed.

    What exactly is Tower Unite?, you may be asking. Tower Unite is an online social game where people can hang out, socialize, play games and more with their friends. The game is split into three separate "locations:" the Plaza, the Condos, and the Game Worlds.

    The Plaza
    The Plaza is the central hub of Tower Unite. The Plaza sports a wide range of activities to do with friends. There is a boardwalk with attractions such as water slides and a ferris wheel, a theater where players can watch YouTube and other similar videos, a nightclub where players can stream Soundcloud music and see it visualized in the surrounding lights, shops where people can customize their look and condo, a casino where players can gamble virtual chips, and more. The plaza will be constantly expanding based on input from the players.

    The Condos
    A condo is a player's home in Tower Unite. Condos can be customized to fit the player's wishes exactly, using furniture purchased in the shops in the Plaza. In condos people can socialize with friends, throw parties, play games, or watch YouTube videos and listen to music in much the same way as in the theater and nightclub, respectively.

    The Game Worlds
    Game Worlds are the most important and prominent part of Tower Unite. Using the game ports accessible via the Plaza, players can join games with their friends where they can have fun and earn in-game money. Games include Minigolf, a casual game featuring 18 holes of miniature golf, Accelerate, a fast-paced racing game, Tiny Crusaders, a game where a team of knights takes on the dragon, and more.

    A feature of Tower Unite that PixelTail wishes to stress is that there will be no microtransactions, no subscriptions, and no premium currency whatsoever. Once you buy the game, it's yours.

    If you like the premise of the game, please consider donating at the link at the top. PixelTail needs all the help they can get to ensure that Tower Unite will be a success.

    If you have any further questions about Tower Unite, the link at the top should provide you with the answer you seek.

    Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with PixelTail. I am merely trying to spread the word about their latest project.
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