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  1. Want a reason to play Empire Minecraft UHC events? Want to win real prizes for your wins? Want to meet new people and compete for hundreds of thousands of rupees? It's time for the Empire Minecraft UHC Clan Tournament!

    Registered Teams

    -Team Red (Lead by Nccoryg) Color: Dark Red


    -300,000 Rupees (Split between each member)


    -No drama, any team that causes it will be removed from the tournament.
    -No hackusations, if you have suspicions keep them to yourself until you report it too a staff member.
    -No hacking, any team found doing this is disqualified from winning the prize. (Prize will be delayed a few days to make sure anyone who was hacking is banned)
    -No flaming


    -First UHC event of November (Expected 11/1)
    -First UHC event of December (Expected 12/6)
    -First UHC event of January (Expected 1/3)


    Want to sign your team up? Great! Fill out the form below-

    Team Name:
    Team Leader:
    Team Color:
  2. This thread is signing up members for an event that you do not run.

    Anyone can play on whatever color they like on the official EMC event. We aren't registering people.

    Closed thread.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.