Total War series.

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  1. Hello guys. I'm not really into call of duty and such. Mainly because I have some personal stiff against it, but I'm a huge fan of the Total War series. You basically run a country. You run Trade, Militaries, diplomatic, and population growth. Now it's a great game. There's a huge learning curve, but very addictive. There's Rome Total War, Showgun Total War, Empire Total War, Napoleon Total War, and some others. Anyone else play it? Or am I alone. I actually got into it, because at the time I spoke no English, and this game was able to turn into the Russian language. That really helped me out, but I've always loved these type of games.
  2. I've got Shogun and Medieval 2. I've played Shogun since I was about 9 or so and all I did was mass armies and attack the enemy without a plan of any sort. Medieval 2 is so much harder than that because I need to deal with controlling the ocean without actually being able to control how the battle goes, just auto resolving it, pleasing the pope, and besieging castles and towns, something that rarely happened in Shogun.
  3. I have played MTW once, very nice game, I wish they had it for mac.. Massing armies. :p I tend to attack with smaller forces and attack from ship, then slowly taking the innards of there country, because front lines are messy affairs.
  4. The one problem I have with MTW is that when I'm being besieged and I manage to drive the enemy's army from whatever hole they've managed to make in my defense they don't send in whatever units they have left, ranged or not. I need to sit there with 6x speed and wait till the time runs out. I tried attacking about 20 people on a ballista with about 14 spearmen and ended up with about 4 spearmen somehow...
  5. That would annoy me. Rome TW two is suppose to have great graphics.
  6. I kinda want to get Shogun 2 but I just need to get a better video card to meet the minimum requirements. I haven't played any of the Rome TW games but I could imagine that Rome 2 is going to look amazing.