Total disregard of foutains!

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  1. Ok so latley I have been just walking around town looking at stuff and have seen some beatiful reses, but the one thing that messes up all the beauty is the ugly fountains, I mean some are frozen,filled with chickes and this one I found today had sheep in it and I think we need to fix this. 2012-07-26_17.12.53.png
  2. So get some wheat and a stick and fix it...
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  3. The animals can't jump 1 and a half blocks.
  4. splash potions of instant harming work wonders in these situations :) also free exp :D
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  5. You just haven't motivated them properly. You need to make it worth the effort.
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  6. Yeah give them a push :p
  7. I agreed the fountains aren't the prettiest thing I have seen on EMC, but what shall we do then?? Have holes in the ground?
  8. Or lava fountains