Torrentwolf mine.

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  1. Last week, I discovered a location to set up a mine. I opened it to all and supplied it with picks and shovels with a few rules. Just today, I came back to find the front doors gone, the Torrentwolf mine sign gone and someone else is name (Whom I forgot while fixing it.) on one of the shafts. The supplies room was empty and a few other things.

    While I do like to share it, I don't like a few things that happened to it. As a result, I'm closing it until I can fix a few of those problems. Please do not go into the mine with the statue with a pick. Namely this one:
  2. After inspecting my mine in the wasteland and found it desecrated again, I had enough. As of now, the mine is closed permanently to all, including me.

    Enter if you dare. If you survive........well good luck with whats inside. Also, I've taken my statue back.
  3. That sucks Torrentwolf! I feel for you.

    And I can personally relate too, as can many of us. This kind of thing has happened to nearly everyone who has built anything they care about in the wasteland or wilderness. ...and will continue to happen under the current policies regarding those worlds.

    This is one of the few things on this server that stands out as a big negative, and it is desperately in need of improvement. The thing is, it's a very complicated problem to solve using automated means. It's the kind of thing that would require constant human monitoring and intervention... police effectively. And even then it would still happen, just less often... and those who did it would be found and removed.

    If this ongoing problem could somehow be resolved the Empire Minecraft server would stand out as a big shining star among public servers. It's already somewhat of a beacon of light among servers, with the safe town and all, but the utter anarchy of all the other worlds, including "Utopia", is a major down point.

    What it comes down to is that the only real place you can build anything nice on this server is on your 60x60 lot in town... and that's it. This is great, I love that the lots are that big and totally safe, but it also severely limits those who would like to build and build and build all manner of beautiful and thoughtful creations.

    This server offers a 60x60 area of space to build safely, and that's it.
  4. Thanks. And the mine is no longer a problem. Just check it out yourself and you'll see why I can't go back in either. (Added a little surprise of my own for those who return to the mine.) ;) If you do, feel free to post an image of it here.
  5. I have a feeling I'd be posting an image of the respawn button, lol.
  6. I am all for falcon banning these idiots. The problem it is that it is VERY hard to catch / prevent these things. This is a problem with all of Minecraft multiplayer. This is also something I have put much study and thought into. These are the different ways some of the bigger servers have addressed this problem (some use a combination of these methods):

    Big brother approach
    Constantly monitor and follow each person. Requires lots of moderators with things like teleport abilities. Also creates favoritism groups and politics with having such a large "government" structure.

    Private server approach
    Force people to apply to be on the server. Only take the people you feel very comfortable about.

    Self protected land approach
    The ability to create your own protected areas wherever you want. Usually limited to a certain size or how many you can have. The drawback to this is ending up with a patchy network of protected areas all over the worlds that no one is using anymore.

    Staff protected land approach
    You have to apply to "staff" to have a piece of land protected. Has the same drawbacks as self protected and big brother.

    Super complex plugins approach
    This can work well for much smaller servers. Some very smart people have spent a lot of time designing plugins that log every action and even allow rollback of a group of actions by a user. This is something I was very interested in and actually experimented with for awhile. The big drawback here is that with a big server (like us) it can cause a lot of lag as it eats an enormous amount of resources. Imagine it has to log every action on every block on the server AND index it for easy call back / checking later. To give you an example a single residence is 460,800 blocks to keep track of (air is also a block). Perhaps with some more fiddling and investment into improving the scalability of some of these solutions I could find a way to get this to work.

    Empire approach
    At the time when we started the Empire (after researching other servers) I had the idea to not even moderate the worlds, but instead give everyone a protected place in a Town world to build. This would eliminate the need for excessive staff and all the headaches that come with it. We would be able to provide an open public server for everyone to enjoy, and this was a must for me.

    Perhaps my approach has not worked out well if it is still causing people pain. I am as usual open to suggestions and ideas to improve the experience for everyone. I will put some more thought into this and try to come up with some of my own suggestions on what we can do to improve this.
  7. No Justin, your approach is very good... as good as any if not better.

    What's happening here is that we're seeing the limitations of that approach, that's all.
  8. I agree with Liz.
  9. Human nature is always going to kick in when no one is looking. It's reality. Aside from a few of the older players here I would never trust anything to chance on this server. There are too many greedy individuals who really -really- must have that entire cobblestone side of your wall, because...I's there right? Why not take it?

    I have a mine hidden deep within the wastelands, a world I consider superior for farming because there is no map. It makes it harder for people to find their way back to spawn, so most are to scared to really explore.

    It's sad we can't build magnificent creations in the wilderness because of the risk of griefers, but that is the sad reality of a Multiplayer server. At least we have town :)
  10. my view make mods...... and it would work better :)
    and give punishments for flaming people griefing etc....even if access was given but as i have noticed many of us are young children and teens in the it may be a waste of breath idk thoughts on this anyone?
  11. I think you may have gotten the Wilderness and Wasteland mixed up ;)
  12. Agreed, this is on its way.
  13. Has ANY server, even the most popular public ones, found a solution to "wasteland" type griefing? It almost seems like this could be good two fold. One, for making the Empire better, and two being the server that "set the example" for other servers on how to do it right (assuming there is an effective way).
  14. They're both W I mix them up all the time :p
  15. I just went into the wilderness and stole someone's stuf... I now feel really bad and agree i should be banned