Top Shop's In SMP4

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  1. I want to know what all the top shops are in smp4. I will make it a vote and by the end of this friday night 12:00am AEDT I will put in all the shops that have asked to be put into the vote and the community itself will decide what the top shops of SMP4 Are!! If you would like to nominate either your shop or someone elses shop that is fine. Remember I will make the poll at 12:00am AEDT Friday. So please be quick! :) Good luck to all shops and remember this is great for your publicity.
    Format of posting your shop:
    Shop Res:
    That's it guys. Nothing else unless you want to comment on other peoples. You Are NOT permitted to vote for yourself. That is unsportsmanlike and I think that is what we strive for here at EMC.