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  1. Dear empire friends,

    We are in a time of need. We need growth. The campaign "Road to Top 5" is having some issues and we cannot stay in the top 5 for a long period of time. If we manage to get into the top 5 IcC won't only do a mob event and a raffle, i will throw a giant drop party and I am working on dropping AN ORIGINAL DRAGON EGG. This is a work in progress but i am trying my hardest to get this. I am working non-stop to earn rupees but if this happens I plan to rent out a giant place for a DP, get an original dragon egg, and then drop more stuff. PM me for questions or if you want to donate.

    Stay classy my friends,
    Count Olaf_C

    P.S. I am delaying next years good samaritan award so i won't be too close to the more official community appreciation award.

    EDIT: I may just do multiple non-original dragon egg since I cannot find a seller.
    dragon egg meme.jpg
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  2. Just wondering where you are going to get one?
  3. Olaf, you are inspiring arent you. Always wanting to help the community and make them happy in the process! Good luck on raising the money! -FD
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  4. Would you be dropping the egg at any time or at the end of the party ?
  5. IT would be to kick of the party. That would just be the start of the DP.
  6. I know someone who is selling one but it may be 5.5 million r :eek:
  7. Ok awesome, good luck : ).
  8. Thanks!
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  9. Bad news, the person who i thought was selling no longer wants to sell it so:
    dragon egg meme.jpg
    I will settle for multiple non-original dragon eggs.
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  10. Non-Orginal is good too :)
  11. I think having multiple non-originals would be better, you don't want the original to go in the wrong hands and get banned/quit or something.

    Also, probably wait until after dragon tombs comes out to buy them since they'll crash most likely. Good luck though :p
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  12. :eek: dragon tombs. I must gets :3
  13. I think that there will be a point where they skyrocket due to demand to get wild demand and then plum it after a week.
  14. Right, kinda how like horses with terrible stats used to go for like 1k and now they are 5r/free. Might as well wait for the loss in popularity before buying :)
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  15. Ok, i found someone who could sell many non-original dragon eggs. I am still aiming for that original dragon egg.
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