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  1. Unlike the various other things I've attempted, I actually want to do this.

    Basically, the idea is that a desktop application is available to you to click on which opens a small GUI with 10 buttons. Each button represents a different EMC server, that you can click on and view everyone online and their group. This could be expanded if requested in other directions as well.

    For the idea that I have in my head right now, it's only use would be if you wanted to use /who or /staff without being online. Sounds pretty dumb right now, but I plan to build on it later and most likely upload the source if anyone wants to check it out/suggest anything.


    Beta version 1.2 - Download
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  2. I know jackbiggin had made an online version of /who and/or /staff.
    However, I can't remember the link...
  3. I can sort this out as a Chrome standalone app if that'd be useful?

    That said, if you have the knowledge and want to do it, go for it! :D

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  4. I was actually thinking this myself.

    Could it be possible to put it on the server descriptions under the Live Map something like a button that would shows the current players in the server.
  5. That'd be cool. Could be website + Chrome app + desktop app, up to user's personal preference. I'll handle the desktop part, and looks like you've already got the website down, so let me know how you want to do the Chrome part :)
  6. It's pretty simple actually. I've just gotta convert the site to look more app like, and then just generate a link to create a pinned tab thingy.

    Look forward to seeing your desktop version. :)
  7. Sounds great. Literally started it 15 minutes ago so I'm just doing the network code junk atm, haven't started the GUI yet. Will very soon though :)

    Since school is over, and I'm a lame dude with no life, ya'll can expect this in a few days. :)
  8. Protip: http://empire.us/api
  9. Bump, I'd like some opinions.
  10. Looks promising! Is there any way to allow you to actually enter chat from thiis program? For example, instead of having to use Minechat to process payments from my shop account I could open this up?
  11. Hmm, I'll have to look into that. I haven't found any way to easily make a client that isn't there and doesn't render but is able to send packets (aka the payments you want to do). I'll keep looking and maybe I'll find a way. If we were still in 1.6.4 it'd be easy but Mojang loves to make things harder :p

    Edit - Looks like there is a way to *sort of* have what you wanted here. However, it uses a webclient a lot to grab the information and login/session tokens in order for a player to log in using it. I'm now nearly 100% sure that it's possible but it will be a while until I find a way to implement it into the current application.
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