Tomorrow is the Great day

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Will I pass the exam?

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Yes 7 vote(s) 63.6%
No 4 vote(s) 36.4%
  1. Tomorrow i will sit for an important english exam called FCE ( first certificate). Today I am very nervous and I dont know what to do. Lol. I wish I pass because is escensial for me. I dont know wether to Play the Empire today or study. I think that talking in the Empire can help me more than studying. Give me luck people!!!! I need to pass that exam and I am very nervous. If You want to check how easy for You is just Google it. I need to pass!!! :) thanx people!!!
  2. Study so you can do well, Facu.
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  3. Study. One day off of EMC won't kill you, but it could make you fail your exam.
  4. Emc helps me to study Also!
  5. Just Imagine how you would feel right before you take the test if you didn't study. You need at least 70% to pass.
  6. Do You know the test? For You is very easy but not for me. I can pass with 60%. I must do: reading, writing, use of english, listening and speaking.
  7. I looked briefly at the first part of a sample test. My recommendation was to study.
  8. to help you i have made some grammatical and spelling fixes of your original post
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  9. I find the way you've written this statement somewhat amusing.
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  10. Pass with four, fail with five. Good luck!
  11. Thanx for helping!!! Thnx to all of You Also. I am trying to concentrate... Lol ;)
  12. Finishing studying... So nervous lol
  13. Well I suggest you stop posting and study becasue this could guide you in the right direction my friend. =)
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