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  1. Hey everyone ! For those who follow Tom Clancy games , Tom Clancy's The Division is extremely close to its launch day [The 8th of March] . I've been waiting for this game to come since its first announcement almost two years ago . Some of you may think that this game is a waste of your time as well as theirs ; but if you could dig deeper into the game , you would see it how I see it .


    For you that are a tad bit unsure if this game is your play style , I'm going to share some details you may have missed in the announcement trailers or some blog/thread posts . So for you guys who have no idea what this game even is , well it is an open world third-person shooter RPG . The game was developed alongside Ubisoft , a major publisher and developer for smaller game companies .The game was first announced during Ubisoft's E3 2013 presentation showing an eight minute clip of the game demo . You are placed in the setting of Manhattan , New York after the smallpox epidemic was spread on Black Friday . You are activated as a Division Agent to take back control over New York from the multiple enemies found throughout the city . These enemies are all different in their special ways , trained for different kind of encounters . As you progress onto higher levels , you can earn experience points and currency ; both used to grant access to better gear , unleashing infinite possibilities of your player's customization . The game features some unique dynamic effects ; for example , when it rains you are disoriented and makes aiming a slight bit more difficult . The game features three major ability groups , medic ,tech , and security ; each group having their own play style . Medic is exactly as it sounds , it supports the team with tactical advantages . The First tool you get as medic is pulse , pulse shows where threats are nearby and if you should engage or not . It also shows how to tactfully get around the issue . Tech is the group in which gives you special abilities to take down enemies in special ways . The first thing you unlock is the sticky bomb launcher , good for taking out groups of enemies in where grenades cannot reach . Lastly , security is the group where gives you protection to the group and helps the group get to cover quickly and easily . Currently no missions were announced on how to unlock new items for this group in the BETA launch edition . Each of these perks will be accessed throughout specific missions from the Base Of Operations . This is a safe zone to gear up and help you protect yourself against new enemies .

    Online and PvP

    One of the main aspects of the game is to team up with your friends and go against the world . In this game are enabled to team up with you and three other friends to go against the enemies in a PvE type aspect . You can all gear up and use your abilities to take down enemies . Us Securities deployable shield as cover and pop one of tech's turret on top to give you the max potential to take down crime . As soon as you feel you're ready , you and your team can get granted access to the Dark Zone . The Dark Zone is a PvP area where you can become friends or foes with the other people in the area . You can get items to grab and take to use later , but be warned , the items are contaminated and you must extract them at the extraction point before you can later access them in the vault . If you decide you want to be the ones causing trouble , go and hit up an extraction point and kill the other players ; if you decide to kill other Division Agents , you will go rogue . Rogue meaning that any player will be able to kill you for extra experience and currency . Which Leads me to the Dark Zone Currency and experience . The Dark Zone Has a separate leveling and currency system to keep PvE and PvP balance with each other . They want all players to have a fair advantage. So they match you up with other players that are your level .

    My Thoughts

    Here are my thoughts on the game , personally I had a great experience . I got early access before the BETA was launched due to special privileges . The Pre-BETA (ALPHA ) was great , it introduced the PvP experience and my play through of the Dark Zone was great , me and my team were getting lucky with the loot system . The players online were challenging but were at your skill level , . So you weren't dragging yourself or hiding against walls trying not to get killed . Even though you can only have the max of 4 players on your 'team , ' me and my team always thought , " the more the merrier " and we accepted other factions to come and join us . We were able to play multiple missions which I am not allowed to discuss until the release date . In the BETA , we were allowed to play two of the class missions , medic and tech . These Unlocked the classes that I discussed earlier . Personally I thought the game was very well laid out and had everything a TPS player could ever wish for . Some downfalls were in the ALPLA announcement some areas were more opened , but in the BETA it shows that they were removed from the map [Some of the islands in the ALPHA were accessible/shown on the map . In later ALPHA builds they were removed for FPS reasons . ] . The game is a point and shoot game ,so really there is no physical experience required to player the game ,but that's always good for new Tom Clancy players . Sadly they hugely decreased health due to the fact that killing a player with a sweatshirt on takes three clips . So now it only takes less than a clip to kill a player if all shots are on target .

    Worth a Buy?

    Really it's your play style , if you like [F]TPS games , then go for it . It shows a lot of potential and must admit , it is NOT a pay-to-win game , nor will it ever be .


    Disclaimer : I have gotten of this information from trusted sources and I do not own the rights to claim some of the information as mine . This Information was taken from Wiki pages and official posts by Ubisoft . My opinions are my opinions , these are not official statements as I am the one stating them .

    ALPHA Disclaimer : Due to the honor system, I do not have any rights to post nor show anything from Pre-BETA (ALPHA) versions of the game , until it is released .

    BETA Disclaimer : Ubisoft has specials rights to discuss specific features in the game, yet I am not allowed to show certain things. I own the rights to post specific content to this page.
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