Tokens: What can you really do with them?

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  1. Greetings to our vast community here on Empire Minecraft. :D

    Mace here. So, what are tokens, and what can they be used for exactly? I'm unfamiliar with the sole purpose of the tokens altogether. Maybe some of you want to enlighten me? ^^ Please do share what you do with your tokens!
  2. Tokens are planned for future use. Just start collecting them now.
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  3. They will be used to claim reses in the frontier and can be used as currency in the future i believe
  4. Like what Devartete said, there's not really a current use for them. It's mostly just for bragging rights right now, kind of like dragon stone fragments and dragon stones. Kinda worthless, but people collect them for money.
  5. The wiki says:

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  6. I surely hope there is a use for tokens sooner rather than later, my tokens are gathering dust!
  7. my.. pressiouuussss... tokenssss......
  8. Actually, I am curious, how many tokens does everyone have saved up?

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  10. so many tokens......looks like i should start spending alot more time in the wild...