TofuZomg, Gentleman cow.

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  1. Hello everyone, my name is TofuZomg. New member as of a few days ago! Yes I'm already a diamond supporter! I took extreme interest in this server. I like how involved the moderators are on these servers, and I've seen quite a few people get banned already, but for very good reasons! Not just cause!

    I plan on becoming involved in the community, and I've already created an extremely competitive farming store (and burned down the shop as well! It was spectacular :D ) but I wouldn't mind becoming well known. I plan on having one of the best shops on SMP6, specializing in potions and crops.

    I'm currently residing in 13439, I don't have much, but come and visit me sometime or send me a pm when I'm online! I'm friendly I promise, and I'm willing to help ANYONE. Just let me know!

    Long live the Empire!
    -TofuZomg, gentleman Esq.
  2. hey tofu! welcome to the club! ......umm......... errrr....... empire! wonderful community! feel free to come to my res on smp2 (4271) and donate to saving an enderdragon egg for the delta team! (google mcdeltateam for details on the delta team)! we need about 3k to get it and save it from who know what! :) just an idea for a diamond supporter! [/scam detector] no scams here!

    Edit: sillywhitemage i beat u to first post :D
  3. Welcome to the empire.I can tell you will run a great shop cause of the suit.
  4. What a great way to welcome someone,by asking for money.
  5. --__-- if you dont think the ender dragon egg is important then so be it. in my opinion it could get him INTO the delta team which is closing for registers (i think) soon....
  6. So its okay to beg for money from new members if you think its important.
  7. Haha well thank you for the welcome. I will say I do have some rupees in my pocket, but I'm sorry, my home is on smp6. So I'm not sure if I'd be able to throw some momey your way or not ^_^"
  8. Thank you for your support :D I do plan on changing the suit to a more.. Classic style of gentleman. But successful nonetheless. And pleasure to meet you, the few times I've scoured the forums, you've seemed to be quite prominent.
  9. Yeah I spend more time on the forums then ingame.I'm waiting for some of the new special servers Justin is working on before I really play more.
  10. Indeed. I saw some information on them, but like I said I havent been around for too long (6 days, at most.) do I'm not TOO familiar with everything or my way around at least. But that's quite alright. It takes time to learn. But I did see a server that might become a hardcore server? I'm not sure I could do that!
  11. Great to have you, and thanks for supporting EMC :)
  12. silly this is directed at you. think of me as Figgis (if u read pendragon) ... i mena no harm just asking a little donation to my cause :)