Today children.... we'll learn about iCrazyEvestar!

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  1. Hi, My name's iCrazyEvestar! I have been on the empire for nearly 500 days! I absolutely love EMC and I play online a real lot, lately though, I haven't as sometimes you have to accept life is busy and you rarely get time to do things you love! Some of my non-tech hobbies include: Arts and crafts, football, cooking and drama! The reason I came to EMC is because quite a while back ( 1st April 2014), I had just got minecraft! Unaware of what to do, I looked up minecraft-related things on the internet. After I had found EMC, I relied on it to help me with my minecraft skills. It took me about 6-7 months to become a pro (Definitely not bragging xD) and master minecraft, however, I had become attached to the exquisite server and I carried on playing! Meeting players and making friends has really affected my time on EMC and I hope the server never ends! I don't know if anyone does but I absoloutely ADORE the TV series 'Gravity Falls' on Disney XD, I think my profile picture might be Schembulock, I'm not entirely sure though! I have something bad to announce: The animators are only going up to the end of season 2 then the show will stop! Make sure to watch Weidamageddon and watch out for Bill Cipher, Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, Wendy Courderoy, lil' Gideon and many more! Thanks for spending your time and reading about who I am!

    -iCrazyEvestar (Eve) ;)

    #Gravity Falls Crazy
  2. I am not considered a child...

    lol :p
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  3. Mommy i learned about iCrazyEvestar in school today!
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  4. iCrazyEvestar? iCrazyEvestar? I think I head that name somewhere. O well. Nice to meet you. :)