To those who No longer Reside in Pazzo/Pantano Wild Towns

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  1. As the reinstated mayor of Pazzo and Mayor of Pantano wild Frontier Towns, i have a request. I humbly and respectfully ask those who are no longer actively living in these 2 wild outpost that if you have any locked chests located in either or both wild towns, could you please take the time to remove them.

    Deathtomb and I have begun the renewal/repairs of many buildings in the wild town of Pazzo and have noticed that many active players have moved on to new wild towns or have chosen to go on to do other things. So I ask that if you are no longer actively residing in Pazzo or Pantano please be kind and make room for the possibility of future residents when we decide to reopen these towns.

    Rest assured your buildings will remain as they are part of the historical story of each town. All i'm asking is that if you have no plans to return any time soon to Pazzo or Pantano, please help us clean them up alittle by removing a few of the locked chest signs. thank you in advance!
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