To Those who are worried they may lose money enchanting!

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  1. Yes we all know the update is going to make enchanting more easier! (What's wrong with that?)
    This just means many don't need to sit at grinders (doing nothing) and can explore while earning exp!

    Yes Enchanting prices will most likely drop due to an increase in supply and availability.
    This is just a minor thing.

    You can still make rupees from it and like what many are doing are selling them in MASSIVE chest sizes.

    Also there are still other ways of making a bit of paper...
    Villager trading
    Wood Chopping
    Sand Gathering
    Sheep Shearing
    House Building
    Grinder Building
    Glowstone, Creeper and slime hunting.

    Probably more.
    Owning a shop is a tad harder but it makes it also a tad more realistic.
    In Australia for example there are ACCC Watchdogs (On biased media :p)
    That often compare prices from stores and present to the public the cheapest.
    This just means the little guys get their foot in the door.

    Anyways I think there are other ways of money making ideas but we must remember:
    Minecraft is about exploring, adventuring and Building with friends, the money part just makes it better :D
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  2. Perfectly said there, but doesn't mean I'm not going to sit at my grinder :p I still need my texp :p
  3. Another point to make is taken straight from Economics 101.

    The supply will increase, but demand will increase as well (More people will be in the market since the prices will move down).

    One pick won't sell for 6k anymore, but you'll be taking that same amount of time to make 6 picks, and selling them for 1k each.
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  4. ehmmm plz note rupees arent paper...
  5. My shop is at 8703. I have no fear of the coming changes. It will always be a matter of having what people want. If the price of diamonds dropped to 3r, nobody would spend time looking for them and eventually the price will go back up. Just like with the new automated shop system. There will be lots of updating necessary to keep your products out front and in stock. There will be great deals from people who want to sell quickly! Those who want to earn will need to grow and adapt to the changes and it will always be a challenge to stay ahead of the next guy. I might never find time to finish my parkour, but i'll keep trying. Good luck to all.
  6. Paper is a slang term for money, in this case 'rupees'.
  7. actually rupee's are made from paper and metal

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  8. you will get alot more enchanted stuff for your use thus making it easier to get more materials than before :)