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  1. Do you want a cobblestone generator? Do you need somebody to set up a farm for you? Is your business not selling the main items needed?

    Well, 'To The Top' is here to help!

    We create resourceful gardens, automatic harvesting machines, generators, and many more handy piston/Redstone thingy-majigs!

    The people that work for this business are MissMadison910, AvonCalling69 and myself.
    Maddy, as we all like to call her, focuses her work on the building, AvonCalling69 works on making sure we have reasonable prices, and I work half on building, half on asking the community for their opinions.

    Prices are as following:
    Cobble gen: 100r for one, 170 for two! (Note that this isn't the Redstone one sorry)
    Automatic harvest machines (AHM) are 2k each, because we provide pistons, Redstone, sandstone and other blocks. If you would like a cheaper price, comment below.
    Zen Garden: 3k

    Happy Farmer pack: 4 Cobble gens (340r), 3 AHMS of your choice(6k) and a free zen garden!
    (Zen garden = a little 'house' of sorts, with a few tables and chairs, outside area has a hedge and flowers on the lawn. Normally 3k)

    We are also doing memberships for anyone wanting one, they're 800r, for 25% - %50 discounts on some items, and you always get a bunch of free garden goodies when you make an order!

    Note that we are not always going to be online due to school, so weekends are going to be busy in terms of orders, if we're popular ;)
  2. You did this in a rush, lol.

    Littlechick111 left in a hurry just now, so I'm now the 'manager' person :p
  3. can i have an example of an auto harvest machine
    can u do auto wheat farms?
  4. and can i have a membership i will pay when i next get on :D
  5. I'm going to be making an expo in the sky on my res, we will showcase everything we can make there. After we've finished using the expo, we're going to rent it to other people for their special occasions.

    EDIT: Any crop that can be pushed by a piston can be turned into one of our AHM's.
  6. so can u do auto wheat farms?
  7. Can you make fully auto melon farms?
  8. i do all this.... its not very hard to do.
  9. So can U make a wheat farm where u don't have to rePlant The seeds
  10. dont think its possible come to my res smp1 1285.. i have a full auto cocoa bean and wheat farm.. just cocoa added to the original wheat one