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Send it?

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  1. So, somebody in my class is having rumour's spread around about them. I know how that feels... so I want to send this, but part of me is telling me not to send it and part of me is...

    I know I barely ever talk to anyone in class except Andrew, and when I talk I sound either snotty or retarded, but I do hear stuff. In class and out of class (when I do talk). And yeah i've heard people have been giving you **** lately.
    Just wanna say you're not the only one because I dealt with this all through primary and there's some complete nobs in our year who still do it sometimes. In primary I had like, one or two friends because I was a gimp like that, and they always ignored me, which basically made me feel like ****.

    And then I got friends in Year 7 (really weird ones at that) and seriously they really help. From things that are coming up on Facebook now you seem to have really good friends. So listen to them <--- Actually you probably don't need that bit of advice, i'll just keep it in anyway, because before i've even said that you've listened to them :/

    Oh yeah, and whoever's giving you crap (i've swore enough in one message :p) you're better than them because you're actually funny in class.

    ^There. Now i'm only part emotionless and socially awkward...
  2. Uhm... What?
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  3. What?
  4. I've always grown up with worries that I was going to be bullied and have rumors spread about me, but only two happened, I was bullied once in forth grade, but that's it, after that, me and the bullies were friends, and it was only vocal, they didn't push me or anything. I didn't have an actual "best friend" for elementary, though I did have friends I sat with at lunch and talked with, but ever any that I shared close secrets with. Now I've never had any rumors spread about me and why, I don't know, maybe its because if I found out who spread the rumor I would probably beat them up, and that's partly a reason why I never got bullied again, because I would defend myself and hurt them.

    I don't know how it feels to have rumors spread about you, but I've heard some of my friends stories, It hurts, you feel weak, and you know they aren't true, but you cant stop them. I really want everyone to know that has gotten bullied that it's alright, they aren't true, you are the best you can be, the bullies just want to put you down because you are higher than them.

    -Sorry for long paragraph(s)-