to release, or not to release. [Poll]

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Should i release my old book series to the public?

Yes 4 vote(s) 44.4%
No 3 vote(s) 33.3%
Before i choose, what's it about? 2 vote(s) 22.2%
  1. Well, before Delta team 2.0 came out, i wrote another series. This series isn't my best, because it is the first one i have ever writen. It is also not edited, so there are mistakes. Should i give this out to the EMC public?
  2. I think you should ultimately publish your series however you might want to install a mod called Bookz (it is EMC acceptable) and then go through and edit your books ;)
  3. Sounds fun. I'll definitly check it out.
  4. Sure! Why not?
  6. Kadboy has the mod, and i pay him to do all that. i have no idea how to install mods.
  7. Change what name to what?
  8. This is for Windows

    *To install the mod download the Minecraft 1.4.7 compatible version,
    *Open the "RUN.exe" program, type "%appdata%/.minecraft/bin" into it and click ok (excuse the " surrounding the directory)
    *Open minecraft.jar with an archiving tool, preferably WinRAR
    *Open the file you downloaded earlier with the same archiving tool
    *Copy all of the files from within the "copy to minecraft.jar" folder into your minecraft.jar
    *Delete META-INF from inside minecraft.jar
    *Close down all of the windows you opened during this operation
    *Start Minecraft and your good to go ;)

    I can also explain how to install other EMC acceptable mods, either refer to this thread or PM me about it :D
  9. What name does he have to change? Also the entire message of all caps was not needed...
  10. i'll try this tommrow. thx! :D
  11. No problem, good luck :D
  12. I believe he is referring to the "Delta Team 2.0" name. Cant blame him...
  13. Ahh, I thought he was referring to that period in time, you know when one of Delta Team's previous members tried to get it up and running again?