To rebuild or not to rebuild???

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by jetmaclain, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. So i built a 1 block elevated highway on smp9 that at one time would take you all the way off the map going south. it was nice a speed potion and some food and in 10 mins you could run to the outter map regions. well of course because i was doing this for everyone and didnt try to hide it, it has been griefied. plus they destroyed and stole lots of rail that i had laid. But thats life in the wilderness, i know that. my question is for people that have been griefed is it worth rebuilding something that has already been found and destroyed once. I created my own way to and from the outskirts the highway was just for everyone else. should i care? would you care? *** what about asecurity camera block, lol, it could have a corisponding viewer block,*** sorry for the rant just been griefed and venting
  2. The camera will never be added.
    I say rebuild the bridge.
  3. I think if you want it to stay nice, you really have to maintain it well because of this:

    It will always see a lot of wear and tear. Even people who are well meaning will sometimes leave a creeper hole behind. If you let them go it becomes exponential.