To my friends of this server...

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  1. I am very sorry but I must leave this wonderful place I called home for the past 134 (or something like that) days i've been here. I met great people like.. Secretanzeks
    Hayleycolgan,ISMOOCH,bobert,pandaseatramen,bonesabre,Icecreamcow and zSlum
    I could easily go on for days with this list I've had the greatest of times here but I'm sorry my friends it's time for me to say goodbye :( (I'll be on the forums the next few days though)
  2. Ah nuts. Hate to see ya go Snoz. I have almost never seen you in-game but I enjoyed your posts on the forums. I hope life guides you in the rightful path.
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  3. Noooooooo!

    Where's me on the list? We were the Guild, remember?
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  4. I think of them as I go on:) thanks guys
  5. Bye :(
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  6. I'll leave you guys with some wise words of Bilbo Baggins... "It's dangerous business, stepping out your door, you step into the road and if you don't kick your feet you never know where your going to bee swept off too" :)
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  7. We will miss you Snoz, I liked it having you on the forums!
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  8. Many reasons actually mostly school some family and a tiny bit... I won't tell you unless I return from my journey into the wider world :p
  9. I like your skin
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  10. Good luck in the future mate, hope you come back! :)
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  11. They always do ;)
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