To Ignoramoose: Thank you for your Service to EMC!!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by gnyctk, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. The reason I am posting this is a thread is because it was to long to put on you profile here it is....I have to say You are added to one of my awesome moderator lists...You wanna know why? Well here it is....You are really friendly to the community, you respond back quick to Convos and I see you on almost every thread either answering questions or closing them because they don't follow the rules. So Mr. Ignoramoose I have to give you the honor to be on my Awesome Moderators List!!!! Thank you for your service to EMC and keep up the good work!!!
    For all those who maybe wondering why I didn't Pm this to him is because I want everyone to know this and I think Ignoramoose should get recognized for his fine works...For all those moderators who are reading this you are all great but I want to recognize Ignoramoose because he is really making a impact on the community and I love his work that he is doing and its great how he recently became a moderator and I think he is doing really well with it!!!