To everyone who purchased a room in one of my Sky Hotels

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  1. Dear everyone who purchased a room in my hotel,
    If you no longer use the room, I will be removing access signs to open space up for people who need a room. To Prove you are using the room, leave 2 signs in your chests in the next 10 days, or I will remove access signs.
  2. Shouldn't people be able to come and go as they please? Why do they have to prove they have been using their room? Its theirs! I never check on the occupants of my hotels. Once they pay me no questions asked!
  3. If someone "bought" a room from you -- it should be theirs, permanently. You can't do that, dude. That's pretty unethical and stuff.
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  4. Not only is it unethical, but if it wasn't in the original agreement when the room was purchased then it is fraud and is bannable if it can be proven. And I'd say that making a thread stating that this is what he is going to do is pretty strong proof. So, I'm making a note of this thread in the Square log so that staff will have all of the evidence we need when we get our first /report on this.
  5. No this is so if they don't go on after 10 days and they stop playing o. Empire minecraft I can remove the access signs, they lose their res after 10 days, hats why I posted this
  6. Did you mention this when they first bought their room? If not you will be in a loot of trouble. If people were not expecting to be booted after 10 days they might not get on in time.
  7. They can all hope that none of them file a /report that I see. If they do, you will be banned and a little over a week after that they will all lose their rooms when YOUR hotel is reclaimed by the server. See, the derelict policy was part of the agreement when people signed up for EMC. But your new policy was not part of the original agreement when they signed up for your room. You can not arbitrarily amend your agreements with your customers without their consent. That is a form of fraud and will be dealt with. Refunds of the purchase price may be in order if you follow through with your threat.
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  8. Seriously? Fraud? Can't you suggest he just refund what they paid him if he wants him out? Maybe put their items; if they have any, in a storage room?
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  9. Not to mention the fact that only a tiny percentage of people on the EMC servers visit the Forum so the chances are, your Occupants will never know of this until their access has been revoked.

    If you were in any way responsible with your business, you'd individually PM each Occupant to clarify their activity levels.

    When I was charging rent on my Stalls I was PM'ing the owners each week to remind them of payment, or each day to remind them to re-stock.
  10. The problem is he didn't stat this when selling the room. If people didn't have any idea they would lose their roo in10 days they might not log in if they don't want too. If he did stat this when he sold the room he won't have any problems.
  11. If you want the rooms to be used efficiently do what i do. I don't allow permanent residences because once you have done that, they OWN that room. If you delete your res, destroy your hotel or give up the room to someone else you are giving away THEIR property. Instead charge a weekly/monthly fee, this ensures that the room will not be a waste of space due to a player logging in once a week and not even remembering they bought the room in the first place. If a player doesn't keep up with payment then safely lock away there belongings in a chest that they can return to, as taking there property is still classed as stealing. So to conclude, If you offer a player a permanent room in your residence, that accounts as a verbal contract, you can't go back on your word, as others have said, it is a form of fraud, false advertising. Tell players they must pay weekly and tell them there stuff will never be stolen after the room has swapped hands, Once those boxes are ticked you are free to rent your rooms out to other people.
  12. Funny, refunding the money is exactly what I did suggest.
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  13. The people will get refunds, full refunds.
  14. One of the reasons I am against the whole 'hotel' idea in Minecraft. I don't honestly think Cvss was trying to scam anyone here, even though that might have been the outcome for some people. Things change way to much in MC to offer things like hotels/contracts, etc and it's way to hard to keep track of to really be able to enforce. I'm still mulling over in my head how I want to approach the idea of hotels in the future on EMC, but I will have a decision in the near future. Things like this happen way to often.
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  15. I wasn't try to scam anyone. I've decided to let the people stay in and if they come on, then I will pm them saying "Do you use your hotel room? If not, may i take away access signs so someone else can buy it? You will get a full refund" and let them decide
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  16. I just thought you were treating him like a criminal, for breaking faith on a pretend contract, saying you were ready to fire up the ban hammer. I always figured hotels in EMC were just roleplay. Why live in someone else's res when you get your own, for free.
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  17. If I could like this more than once, I would. I'm glad you understand that I wasn't really attacking you personally but just stating my opinion on "changing the rules after the deal has been made."

    You've worked out a solution to your dilemma perfectly and I admire and respect that.
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