To all smp1'ers

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  1. If you happen to get your head when you die, please do all your smp1 brothers and sisters a favor and drop at least one of them off at 3007 on smp2, to cross items over servers, use /vault for 10r. This is to help win krysyyjane's contest, would help is your first res is on smp1, your first res defines what server your head goes towards. GG all

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  2. Or you could accidentally drop them in lava and let SMP4 win... :p
  3. haha, I believe in smp1. Melk power, activate!!
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  4. I still don't know how to get fast your head. I drowned myself 34 times next to the wild spawn and get no single one. Is there a better way?
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  5. I've drowned myself probably around 20-30 times and have accumulated 8 heads... I'm about 3000 blocks out from an outpost in frontier... Perhaps it only works outside of the periodic reset area?
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  6. Try making a tower 30 blocks in the air, and set your spawn using a bed. Then jump off. Much quicker than drowning :)
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  7. Its random, I died twice and got 2 heads then tried for another one and took 40-60 for each. Drowning is slow though. Best way I found it to make a tall tower with a bed at the top, wait till night and sleep in it. Then just keep jumping. A lot quicker.
  8. -_-, got ninja'd
  9. Why would you wait 'till night? You're a diamond supporter! :p
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  10. Yeah but...
  11. I only tried that tactic with my non supporter alts ;)
  12. Wait what contest?
  13. So, we're giving each other more easier and efficient ways of dying/killing ourselves...interesting. ;)

    *EDIT:* I think I read somewhere on the Survival Guide or something that it's a 2.5% chance that you will get a head drop from killing yourself or dying.
  14. oww yes, thanks for the help, I got my first head :D
  15. I have a human head farm on utopia, this is basically how it works.
    (This is the layout)
    x=any block
    (going from the bottom of the farm up)


    layer 2:


    layer 3:

    aaas lxa

    You set your spawn point at the bed, then walk in to the lava. You die, but since your items get dropped at your feet, the items don't get burnt up. The heads go in to the hopper, where they can be taken from there.

    Sorry if that was a bit unclear, it was the best I could do. :p
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  16. Smp4 all the way!
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  17. Ew.

    *EDIT:* Kidding of course.
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  18. I second that. Smp1 FTW

    EDIT: not kidding as much
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  19. We need as many as we can get, we're almost 1st place!
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