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  1. When I try to place a tnt block in my res, it says I have to upgrade to do so...

    any ideas?
  2. Perhaps I broke something with today's release. Sorry I am on a different laptop now, but I will check the code first thing tomorrow morning (in bed now haha).
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  3. Go to sleep, you've done heaps today :p
  4. np justin, its not a big deal atm. SLEEP lol
  5. Like simple folk say, there's no use crying over spilt milk, well a minecrafter would say " there's no use crying over unexploded TNT" XD
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  6. Ok I just looked at my code. I had cleaned up the permission nodes and I had TNT set if groupId > 4, but 4 is Diamond so it should have been if groupId > 3 (or groupId >= 4). I will get it out in a release sometime today, sorry for the inconvenience all!
  7. Awesome :) ty
  8. Speaking of TNT, I have a massive excavation going on under my house. If I were to place the redstone and such, could I interest a diamond supporter to place the TNT and throw the switch:eek:? If interested, just let me know how much you think your fee should be and we can bargin around that point!
  9. I may be mistaken, but i believe you have to be a diamond supporter before you can enable TNT on your res. So even if a diamond member placed tnt and exploded it, it would actually do no damage at all to your property, because you dont have the permissions to enable tnt.
  10. Thanks for the tip! Well, I guess it's back to the shovel for me... :(

    However, If anyone wants any free dirt... I have shovels for all!;)