"TNT for Everyone!"....Goodbye Wild, Hello lag.

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  1. Personally I think TNT use should be restricted to Town Only. The chance of grief is just too great and could you imagine how much it would be used in the wild? The wild is already pretty destroyed near spawn, TNT will just add on to that. If not restricting it to Town at least only allow older players (180+ days) to use it.

    Anyway, I want to hear what you think.
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  2. I do agree with your point. But I have used tnt many times to help clear out diet etc.
  3. i agree, but EMChas to follow EULA so they will have to restrict all use of tnt on EMC or allowed it on all worlds(maybe they can put it allowed to just town, as you said)
  4. Wow. Now that I think about it, now that TNT is allowed for all players, maybe we should have it restricted to /town and /wastelands.
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  5. "goodbye wild":
    I myself nearly never use TNT. It's kind of expensive and for what would I use it?
    So possible griefer would first need to gain the recourse or buy them and I can not think of any griefer planning and investing so much time to just blow up a place.
    Aikar also planet to set a x-amount from spawn 'protection'

    "causes lags":
    Aikar already said it's limited to 5 TNT (?) per second to reduce/prevent them.
    and as said, how often do you even use TNT?
  6. I think it is already planned for town use only.
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  7. 4-8 TNT per second.

    Its not that hard to obtain TNT, I started EMC with 5,000 rupees and you can vote to get 1k+ per day that is plenty to obtain enough TNT to do damage.
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