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  1. u unban me becuz it says a moderator has to give u a warning.Huh where is my warning?
  2. Improper way to get your self unbanned. PM a mod.
  3. http://empireminecraft.com/conversations/add?to=IcecreamCow
    Wrong way to appeal a ban. Start a conversation with IcecreamCow. Also, if you were banned without warning, you probably did something really bad that doesn't need warning. (i.e: Spam, griefing, hacking)
    Also, please take the time out of your day to fix Titles of your threads, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It just makes you look bad and decreases the chances of you getting unbanned even though this thread did already. Again, please appeal a ban with the link above. I have nothing else too say.
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  4. This is the worst unban attempt I've seen. Haha, just playing.
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  5. This is so called "blaming a mod" for the ban
  6. wow.
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  7. Your warning was the tutorial, and the rules...
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  8. The warning is common sense...
  9. This is either the 6th or 7th 8th time you've wrongly appealed. How about you actually do as we ask? That was, you've actually got a chance of being unbanned!*

    *T&C's apply

    And no, the warnings are at staff discretion.

    Key word: most. This doesn't mean you're guaranteed a warning. It means that most people will get one, but if your behaviour is bad enough then yours will be eaten by ICC.
  10. LMFAO this is not the Police Department, these are not the Miranda Rights XD
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  11. I can help you, just reply to my messages.
  12. Your warning was shoved down your throat about a week ago. Now begon with you.
  13. Wrong, this is the 8th time.

    Zinski, please stop posting these threads. You should have been forum banned 5 threads ago. I don't know where the cow has been all of this time, but that extra big ban hammer is heading towards you. I'm guessing Maxarias already hit you with it and the cow has threw his into space :(
  14. I was being nice and not including the initial one that was done months ago. However, amended. :p
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  15. yes yes it is
  16. We need to sort out a better system for showing people how to send a proper appeal.
    Most new members that get ban always do this.
    Even some old members. This gets annoying. Spread the word to stop these kinds of threads.
  17. No comment.
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  18. The thing is, this guy made 8 threads demanding to be unbanned and in each one he was told how to appeal, he was even told on his profile. He just refuses to follow the rules and expects the mods to see it and go "oh my this person should be unbanned!"
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  19. O_O Calm down man.
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  20. Lol sorry, i just wanted him to understand, and speaking to him normally doesnt ever work:p