Tips on building Scenery and other Aesthetics

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  1. Hey Everyone... I am working on my Residence and I have a problem. It is rather bland, and it needs some zest to it. Tips I am looking for is how to create cool looking scenery, gardens, and maybe areas themes from the wild. Comments and links to other websites and threads are Appreciated.

    If you have any questions let me know...;)
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  2. My suggestion would be.. Now, don't be surprised.. >_>

    Birch logs with jungle leaves. Do 3 logs in a V shape, then accent with leaves. It looks like a very pretty bush/mini tree.

    For everything else, add fountains with a decorated bottom, so it's interesting to peer down inside.

    Or.. Garden Gnomes. :D:p
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  3. there are a ton of other residences that have things like what you are looking for, i tend to find the best ideas by just walking the streets.. even google the types of things you want to make, or think will look nice, images of ALL sorts will show up. then BAM you're set! :)
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  4. Now that is one thing I hadn't even thought of, is mixing logs/leaves. I of course always plan to test any creation on my single player creative; but this will help
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  5. I have decorated most houses an such I've made with just a few little things. I've also checked out for kitchen things, some I've picked up from friends or just experimenting.
  6. Thanks a lot- it had a creative server with it that I hopped on and checked. Creative juices are flowing now
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