[Tips and Tricks] Minecraft 1.8 Dual Camouflage Skin

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  1. For 1.8, there is new base skin customization settings so you can change how you skin looks by changing its hat, jacket, etc. Seto did a very nice video on it and how useful this can be in PVP survival situations.

    May contain some mature words

    Edit: Probably something you DON'T want to try on EMC. However, this shows some of the wonderful things we will be able to do with skins on EMC for 1.8, I am sure more ideas are to come. :)
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  2. As nice as that is, it will be useless against anyone who uses texture packs :p
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  3. It's cool but there's some bad words in it :/
  4. Are you sure? I watched the video, I thought there wasn't. :p

    EDIT: Yep, just saw the curses, my bad.
  5. How? Texture packs don't change skins. (unless it is yourself in SP)
  6. The skins mentioned in the video work for stone and netherack in the default TP.
  7. I am still kinda confused. I have had dozen of texture packs on at once and still see someone with a stone skin. The only difference is in this video it is dual, so it is both nether and stone.
  8. That's just the point, if the other person is using anything other than the default texture pack, these skins will not hide you lol
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  9. OHH. :p
  10. Well then you can do a dual skin, so the stone will be default texturepack and the netherrack will be a Faithful one.