[TIP] Isolating ores before mining them

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  1. Imagine this; you are digging through the caves near bedrock, dodging creepers, covering lava, and cleaning gravel, when you see it: that familiar light-blue gleam in the stone walls of the caves. You have found a diamond!

    Without hesitating, you run over, pull out a Fortune 3 pickaxe, mine the diamond... and then get incinerated by the lava block that was behind the ore... What could you do...

    A very simple way to avoid this is to isolate the ore.

    Simply dig ALL the way around the ore, exposing all visible faces of the ore while doing so.

    Like this:

    Now, lets rewind: you found that diamond, but this time, you dug around it, and spotted the lava before you were crisped.

    Pick up the lava with a bucket, or put a block on it, light up the area (as the light from the lava will now be gone) and claim your prize. 💎