Tin Tower build (Res. 2414)

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  1. http://imgur.com/a/5aHWr#0

    After a very long time (delayed mainly due to classes, work, and all that unfun stuff), I finally finished my replica of Tin Tower as seen in Pokemon Gold/Silver. Thanks to the Empire's addition of teleporters, I was able to include pretty much the same teleporting system in my build as that found in the game. Feel free to come explore!
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  2. A friend and I stumbled across your res the other day and went through this knowing exactly what it was! Great job on it! It was really fun re-living that tower from a 3-D perspective :D
  3. Thanks! That's what I was hoping to provide. It's really cool to be able to actually venture through things that you're used to seeing in 2D.
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