[Timelaps Series] My Gameing Channel

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  1. Hay Guys/Gals!

    So I mostly plan on Streaming Via Twitch but I do love watching Time-lapse vids on YouTube. so I'm actually posting something to my YouTube channel and will be starting something of a series out of it. So here it is my first vid. looking for some constructive criticism. weather it be with the vid itself or maybe something I'm missing in the description. Thanks guys! *please view in 1080p for best quality*

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  2. It looks very good, from a Professional Video Editor, I think it is very good, as well as different angles taken, although i would like to see it above ground as you can see the sun rise and set as well as the moon, Gives more of a background effect, if you know what i mean.

    Other that that, i would rate.....

    9.5/10 Star's. :)
  3. Thanks for the Critique! as you might have had a glimpse at, I was recording on the empire servers so I was kinda kicking myself a little bit for the jumpiness towards the end. (especially with the disconnects, there was 5 in all). also with the lack of spectator mode in town *cough pls add Cough* I was unable to really use everything I could with the Camera mod I have installed. I have some ideas for compensating for the lack of flying. I just need to build something XD. there will be better vids coming down the line ("single" player and Private server building) where ill be able to use the flying feature to its fullest extent.