Time Warner/Comcast Merge?

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  1. I smell something in the nearby future, and it just so happens to share the same name as a friendship ruining game
  2. Lol, that is why I have verizon. >>.<<
  3. I cannot stand these guys. I currently only own Hulu and Netflix. Comcast is okay but I cannot stand Time Warner. Also, waiting for google fiber to come to my town so I have free internet :oops:.
  4. Verizon does cable television? >.>
  5. You didn't know that? Only the best. Have you never seen the Verizon remotes?
  6. Yes. The ViOS system, I believe.
  7. Im glad I am switching over to Century link in about a month... currently have comcast lol.
  8. No. I have centurylink and it is terrible. Slow internet connections, very flakey servers, and customer service.
  9. Heads up, Comcast customer service is crap.
  10. Centurylink sucks with their internet!

    We currently have them, its just terrible.

    The phone and internet drops often also!
  11. I have only heard good things about them in my area. I hear it depends on your location for how good your service is.
  12. I guess it does depend on the area...
  13. The mayor in my city said today that he won't renew our franchise agreement with Comcast because of the proposed merger.
  14. I have time Warner and have no complaints. ..
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  15. Doesn't mean we aren't switching to google fiber the minute it is available.
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  16. Might wanna put in the OP that within the first 3 seconds a bad word is portrayed.. :p